Cardamom Krumkake Recipe - Nordic Ware (2024)


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Cardamom Krumkake Recipe - Nordic Ware (1)

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Norwegian Krumkake and Pizzelle Iron


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Learn how to make a traditional Krumkake dessert using Nordic Ware’s Norwegian Krumkake Iron. This Cardamom Krumkake recipe is an amazing classic holiday recipe to make with the entire family!


  • 2 eggs
  • 1/ 2 cup butter, melted
  • 1 1/ 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cardamom or anise flavoring
  • 1 cup of milk


To Prepare Iron for Use: Place iron directly over medium heat on top of stove. Alternately heat both sides of the iron until water sprinkled inside sizzles. Grease inside of plates when making the first fewcookies.

Beat eggs well; add sugar, butter and cardamom or anise. Continue beating.Add flour and milk,beat until smooth.

*Whole cardamom seed that has been shelled and freshly crushed with a rolling pin makes for a more flavorful krumkake.

To Bake: Spoon about 1 tsp. of batter in center of baking surface. Close iron and gently squeeze handles together. (Batter flowing out indicates too much batter being used and this surplus should be scraped off immediately before it burns.) Bake 5-10 seconds before turning iron over to continue baking on other side. Bake until cookie is a light golden brown; open iron to check for doneness. Remove quickly with a spatula and roll immediately on cone to shape. Remove cone and cool seam side down on wire rack. When completely cool store in shallow airtight container, stacking carefully 1-2 deep. Makes about 50.

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    Posted by Elida Witthoeft

    I moved and cannot find my grandmother’s beloved krumkake recipe. This one comes the closest to what I remember … except her has cream, not milk. So thankful for NordicWare to the rescue!

    Posted by Mari Brandeberry

    The krumkake iron I inherited from my grandmother (Mari Ebba Steinisen Tranmal) is cast iron. The recipe she taught me is so simple that I only recently bothered to write it down for future generations.
    Eggs & melted butter (at room temp), flour & sugar in a 1:1:1:1 ratio by weight . Cardamom to taste. Depending on freshness usually ~ 1 heaping tsp/4eggs. We roll them on a wooden spoon handle so they are easier to pack for gift giving. Occasionally we fold them in quarters… especially when young helpers have tender fingers since that can be done with a knife or spatula. I intend to use the suggestion of making those into “fortune krumkake”.
    Originally a Yuletide treat but so unique & enjoyed by all that my iron travels with me when visiting out-of-town family. They have also been requested as school birthday treats.

    Posted by Gramma Ruth

    Received a Nordic Ware iron as a wedding gift 50 years ago. Used every year. Krumkaka is family tradition. We have added a crinkle, we enjoy Oriental for Christmas Eve, dislike the fortune cookie taste and texture, now make ‘Norwegian fortune cookies by folding in a fortune into the krumkake instead of rolling them. Grandkids write the fortunes.

    Posted by Mags Bonham

    I inherited my grandmother’s iron from my Mom. I used it for the 1st time ever, and it probably hasn’t been used for 30 yrs or so. I used 1 tbls of batter and didn’t realize that was wrong until rereading the instructions now. But they are more like what my grandmother made that I think 2 tsp would be. Guess I’l try the correct amount next time. It took awhile to get the hang of it. Took lots of spray butter to keep it from sticking in the beginning – probably because it hadn’t been used in forever. They still taste great and remind me so much of my grandmother. And that is really all that is important.

    Posted by Mandrake Fern

    I was gifted a vintage NordicWare Krumkake iron and just made this recipe tonight for the first time. I was quite intimidated at first but quickly realized how fun it was. It made too many for my tiny family of two. I think we got about 36-45+ so next time we will half the recipe. We had to use powdered cardamom so we did a heaping tsp and that was a very good call. My daughter really loves these and has already asked to make them again.

    Posted by Dr. Robert

    Excellent recipe and a perfect Nordicware Krumkake iron! My mother had her Nordicware Krumkake iron for years, but I had to buy a new one since one of my sisters inherited moms old iron!

    Posted by Daffodil05

    A Norwegian friend and I got together to put together a Norwegian meal. This is the first time making krumkake. It was easy, a lot of fun and the results were delicious!

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Product Used In This Recipe

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Norwegian Krumkake and Pizzelle Iron


Cardamom Krumkake Recipe - Nordic Ware (2024)


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